The Anatomy of the Rapid RH®

Concrete moisture measurement meets the new era with the Wagner Meters Rapid RH® in situ relative humidity test method for measuring concrete slab moisture. Not only does it provide a fast, accurate and easy-to-use job site experience, but the Rapid RH also fully complies with the latest version of the ASTM standard, ASTM F2170: “Standard […]

The Roots of RH Architecture

Architects are both technicians and dreamers. They conjure designs that guide the construction industry, from turning soil to dropping off the keys. Architecture is a world of consideration, but moisture content is a crucial component in any strong and durable concrete building. Designers know that, but how many turn to the fundamentals of relative humidity […]

Thumbs Up for Flooring Over Concrete

Concrete users expect optimum strength and durability. Slabs which contain stable, healthy moisture conditions deliver just that. However, flooring installation sometimes proceeds over a concrete slab despite borderline concrete moisture assessments. If a moisture measurement test calls for more drying time, then a successful flooring installation rests on moisture evaporation and human patience. Concrete Moisture […]

Tracing Moisture Problems to Source

Among many safeguards, ASTM International (formerly the American Society for Testing and Materials) has established standard ASTM F2170 for the use of in situ probes to measure concrete moisture. However, F2170 recognizes relative humidity (RH) measurement as the standard for determining concrete moisture conditions in slabs. Moisture Sources When concrete moisture appears, the age-old building conundrum […]

Now Available: Moisture Testing in Concrete Slabs Webinar

Featuring industry professionals with deep experience in concrete moisture measurement, this webinar provides a comprehensive look at the benefits and failings of various methods of concrete moisture testing used both currently and historically to test concrete for moisture content, including: Calcium Chloride (CaCl) Testing The Hood Method Moisture Meters Relative Humidity (RH) Testing and In […]

Calcium Chloride Testing (ASTM F1869) Disallowed for Lightweight Concrete

RELATIVE HUMIDITY (RH) TESTING (ASTM F2170) TO THE RESCUE! Abstract For decades, calcium chloride (CaCl) testing has been used to determine the suitable moisture content of poured concrete slabs when applying resilient floor coverings. The standard for performing the CaCl test has seen many changes over the years. The initial testing only called for determining […]