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Why Switch Your Spec?

Every aspect of a building’s design from the ground up reflects on your reputation. Assuring correct concrete moisture levels in the concrete slabs is critical to preventing failures in floor covering systems.

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Don't Power Trowel Blindly
Without proper timing, power troweling concrete can slow the project and add cost...

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So why put your reputation on the line by specifying outdated concrete moisture test methodologies? The new version of the ASTM calcium chloride standard disallows the use of calcium chloride testing for lightweight concrete applications. On the other hand, the ASTM F2170 concrete moisture in situ relative humidity (RH) test method for concrete not only is allowed for lightweight concrete slabs but is a superior concrete test method for ALL concrete slabs providing fast and reliable results that more accurately reflect the true moisture conditions in the slab.

Don’t let a concrete slab moisture problem on your project come back to bite you. Avoid floor covering-related project failures by specifying the superior ASTM F2170 in situ relative humidity test method for dependable concrete moisture results that you can stake your reputation on.

Stay one step ahead with concrete RH testing.

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